Monday, September 22, 2014

trip to NC

I'm back!

Ryan worked a bunch of overtime last week, so Keaton and I took another solo road trip to NC to visit my parents, sister, and her kiddos! 

It took K and I about 8 hours to get there with 3 feed/burp/bathroom/diaper change stops....not too bad really! Keaton still does great in the car, but usually by the last hour we're both ready to get out :)

We drove down last Monday and back home yesterday.

Here we are on our 2nd pit stop towards home :)
Now rewind....

I didn't take hardly any pictures - too busy having fun and enjoying family I guess ;0)

One morning I tried to snap a pic of Keaton to send to Ryan first thing in the morning. His "so happy to see you dance" made it a little blurry. Haha!
Mid-week Keaton and I went on a stroll through my parents neighborhood. He's still a little small to be on the lower part of this big stroller, but when he's reclined he does okay {and takes a nice snooze!}.
My parents and I did a little shopping one day, relaxing another....but mostly just watched Keaton be a cute little baby ;0) 

Saturday we all headed over to my sister's house for a picnic before I had to head home. 

K and Asher relaxing outside - it was gorgeous!! 
 Finally finally made a shirt for Keaton! I put "Harris" on the back so he wouldn't spit up on it ;-P
Also, looks like someone's bald spot is growing in nicely! Bahaha
 Keaton LOVED watching his cousins play! He's getting a little extra attention from Pop-Pop in this picture, but he was happy just watching. I'm so boring at home ;0)
 And just like that it was time to leave! These weeks always go by so quick! K and I both missed Ryan like crazy and are SO thankful he doesn't mind if we take a trip without him! 

Next time we head south is at Thanksgiving all together! I have a feeling my little turkey will be sitting up by then and even more fun!

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