Monday, August 25, 2014

new england adventure - belfast, maine

The day we traveled to Belfast, ME someone turned 17 weeks old....wanna guess who?
I just love those 2 so much!!

On the road again!
 This time I broke out the mango salsa chips which were....ehhh. {shoulder shrug}. Honestly, my mouth was confused.
Belfast was beautiful! We stayed in a little cottage/hotel. There were about 10 hotel rooms and a bunch of small cottages. This is the view from our room :) It was small and outdated, but kept us just nicely for one night. 
 Checking out the grounds...
We were headed out to dinner, so K-man was in his jammies already :)
Just the 3 of us :)
 And, of course, me and my little love nut. 
After some "beach" pics we headed to Young's Lobster Pound! I'm not a huge fan of lobster, but it was kind of a must!
 Ryan enjoyed his lobster and I enjoyed the view :)
I actually got a lobster roll, which wasn't what I thought it would Ryan ate that too. And then we went and got ice cream. And what I ordered ended up being really really cheap soft the trash can ate it and I re-ordered some real really yummy peanut butter kind. Food drama - let me tell you :0P

It was another early night, then up with the sunrise for a 5K!!

{Bugs in Maine = Lobsters! otherwise I wouldn't have done it, I hate bugs!!}
So I know what you're thinking?....Aren't they on vacation?! Why are they running a race??

Let me tell you a quick story....
After we ran the 5K in Hawaii, I said to Ryan, "HEY! Since we just ran a 5k in Hawaii, we should try to run one in all of the 50 states!!" He surprised me with an "OKAY!"

So yeah. We're actually doing it! I'm not sure how many years it will take us....but we'll see :) 

Back to The Bug Run.....

Keaton was the most excited out of the 3 of us. Makes sense, since I haven't run consistently since having him and Ryan hadn't run for over 4 weeks ;0)
But we made it in under 29 minutes! And take a look at who seems the most tired! HAHA 
 We were SO proud of ourselves :0p
Afterwards they had a free blueberry pancake breakfast for all the participants! Pancakes by a bay full of picturesque boats - score!

We got cleaned up at our hotel and then headed back downtown for lunch and to check out a small co-op festival. We headed to Bar Harbor right after lunch!

Next up: Bar Harbor, ME

If you're wondering....our next 5K is in September! 2 states down in 2014! haha

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Kelsey Winter said...

We'd be happy to host you when you do a run in Michigan! Ann Arbor is a great town.

Erin and Ryan said...

Kelsey we would love that!!

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