Friday, August 29, 2014

new england adventure - bar harbor, me {part 1}

It felt good to arrive in Bar Harbor :) Finally, our ultimate destination!

We were all ready to get out of the car for a few days!
Our first day/afternoon there we checked into our hotel and explored the area a little. It was later in the afternoon, too late to really do much. We ate dinner, ice cream, put Keaton to bed, and then I did a few loads of laundry at the hotel.

I've never done laundry at a hotel before. It was....lame. But necessary. Keaton spits up 85% of the time he's awake, so we go through a lot of burp clothes and bibs! It was nice to get them all freshened up {along with some of our stuff} mid-trip!

While waiting for the laundry, Ryan and I watched Mystic Pizza on his computer. We were going to Mystic, Rhode Island later in the week and neither of us had seen the movie! Better late than never! It was cute :)

We started our first full day in Bar Harbor going to Bar Island.

You get to Bar Island on a land bridge that naturally connects the island to the mainland during low tide. We weren't originally going to do this, but I thought it would be super cool....I've never walked across a land bridge before!

You can see the land bridge behind us {Ryan was running back to the car to get the umbrella at this point :)} 
Keaton & I made the trek across together...
 And there's Ryan! HAHA
It was a rocky walk, but we made it to the island and back before high tide! People do get stuck if they don't get back across in time! If that happened to us, I'd probably beg Ryan to swim across and get someone to rescue us and you know what?? I bet he could do it. And in some kind of weird record time. Ryan is amazing like that ;0)
View of Bar Harbor from the island.
 As you can tell, it was a little cloudy and rainy this day. Total bummer, but we didn't let it slow us down!

The rest of the morning & into the afternoon we spent in Acadia State Park. 

The park is SO huge, it was hard to even know what to do! There are lots and lots of trails, but with a baby that's kinda tough ;0) We decided to drive the park road and make the 5 suggested stops - it's like a trail on wheels. It took a little over 2 hours to travel and I can't even begin to remember what each of the stops were, but here are some pictures we took a long the way....
 Maine has the most beautiful views, even on foggy days! But THIS one is my favorite...
I just need a minute to give those cheeks a little kiss kiss kiss.

Okay - I'm back. 

We planned so awesomely for this day out. NOT.

Poor K only had on a onesie and pants. Fail - it was super chilly in the mountain!  He needed more clothes. I kept waiting for a stranger to tell us he needed socks and would have totally agreed. He was always snuggled close to one of us, but still.

I also didn't pack us any lunch and believe it or not, there isn't any fast food in ASP. Around 1, I was starting to get.....s.t.a.r.v.i.n.g. If you're a nursing Mom, I'm sure you understand. I had an apple and then Ryan's banana, but needed a sandwich. Or steak. Or french fries. Or salad. Or anything :)

So after the drive, we headed back into Bar Harbor for an early dinner and to pick up some sweatshirts for our whale watching trip the next morning. It ended up getting beautiful and sunny, so strolling around the shops downtown was really nice! 

And then we were ready to head back to our hotel and in downtown Bar Harbor, like right on Main Street, our car wouldn't start. Dead battery. 


AAA to the rescue!

I was just grateful we were all fed, happy, and in a safe place. Ryan was a little more stressed out about the whole thing {I think - he might argue that} :) It all worked out! Keaton and I just people watched from the backseat and did a little more shopping!

We think the dead battery was a result of the battery just being old in my car + the trunk not closing all the way and inside lights being on in the car for a few hrs.

Whatever the reason, I have a new battery now :)

Next up: Whale Watching and Carriage Road!
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