Sunday, August 24, 2014

keaton mark - 4 months

Keaton Mark you are 4 months old today! 

I'll say this every month until I stop doing these posts, but WOW! I can't believe you're 4 months old already!

You are turning into quite the handsome little guy. I mean...seriously
You're just as much fun these days as you are cute!
You always greet me with a smile when I get you in the morning or after a nap and are starting to laugh at things. It is.the.cutest. 

Just yesterday I had you laughing at my cookie monster voice - I couldn't stop!  :)

Keaton, right now you're super social. You love watching people and will flash anyone who gives you a glance a little smile. I'm waiting for you to be a little more fearful of strangers and a little more clingy to me, but that hasn't happened yet.
 You're really starting to get the wiggles! You move and twist and turn all over the place -- you're not content just sitting/laying around anymore. You want me to hold you up so you can stand and bounce off my legs.
 And you almost always have your hands {or something} in your mouth! It's so funny to hear you sucking on your hands and licking your fingers in the back of the car when I'm driving. You seriously just lick each finger...haha! Guess you're finger lickin' good!
Other than getting fussy when you're tired, you hardly ever cry. Almost never! If I'm on my game and get you down for a nap before you get overly tired, there are some days you don't cry at all. Thank you for that :) haha!
Keaton, you are the light of our lives. I tell Daddy over and over how much better my life is with you in it. I didn't realize how boring things were without you! You keep me on my toes {the spit up comes at any moment!} and smiling all of the time! Love you little man!!


Fun Facts 4 Months:

*Weighs......will find out on Tuesday
*Length.......will find out on Tuesday
*Sleeps 11-12hrs through the night {still not getting up to eat - it's crazy}
*Wears size 2 diaper
*Wears 3-6 month clothes {6 month onesies}
*Very patient - will chat in crib for 15 mins before wanting to eat in the AM
*Rides well in the car! Big road trip last week and no major melt downs :)
*Can roll from tummy --> back
*Indifferent to tummy time
*Still tilts head to left side
*Poos once a day or every other day
*Starting to splash around in the bath
*Watches my every move
*Spits up all the time
*Takes pacifier if overly tired before nap and spits it out as soon asleep

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