Sunday, June 15, 2014

happy father's day

Happy Father's Day!

What a special day in our house - Ryan is celebrating his first Father's Day!!

It's pretty safe to say Ryan is a natural father.
He loves Keaton with a fierce and deep love. 

On our first night home with Keaton, Ryan suggested he sleep in our room - to be close to us. I thought he'd be in the crib in his room, but this subtle {not pushy} suggestion gave me a glimpse of Ryan's protective side and I couldn't say no. Daddy knows best. 

Ryan not only protects, provides, loves, and leads....

He sings and Keaton LOVES it :) 
If that's not pure joy on his face, I'm not sure what is! His whole face is a smile :) :) 
Happy Father's Day to the #1 Dad of the Year

We all feel safe in your arms, Ryan. Watching you love and take care of our son has brought me more joy than I've ever experienced. 
 We love you Daddy!!
Even the furry one... ;0)
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