Monday, April 14, 2014


Ryan worked all weekend, so it was pretty quiet around our house. Not for long ;0) 

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!! Phinley and I went for some pretty long walks around the neighborhood -- it felt amazing to be outside and get some sun! I told Ryan on Saturday that Phin and I went for a 3.5 mile walk and instead of being impressed with ME being able to do that...he said..."WOW, that's like a marathon for a dog." HAHA. True. We were both pretty tired by the end!

Phinley will be in the best shape of his life by the time baby arrives. This isn't a good thing. We need to start sitting around more 0:-) 

Saturday, I made a canvas tote for Baby H and filled it with some diapers, an extra outfit, and some burp clothes that can all just stay in the car. I borrowed my neighbors big embroidery hoop to use with my machine and it came out awesome! I'm so happy with it :) It's not completely centered or straight, but that's okay!! I'd post a picture, but it has baby's name nice and big across the middle. haha! 

Everything around the house has been cleaned {a couple of times} and I've been trying to get the birth announcements picked out....might need to wait for newborn pictures first to see what goes the best.

Ryan is home today and doing lots of "his" chores. I feel like we should be spending all our time together as "special couple time" before the baby comes, but we just don't have time to do that. The oil needs changed some time! Honestly, though, I cherish time with just Ryan, but am also really looking forward to time as a family of 3!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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