Tuesday, April 15, 2014

{39 weeks}

 Woah belly!
Soon he'll be in my arms :)
How Far Along: 39 weeks - that's one week till the big D-Day folks!

Size of Baby: Mini -Watermelon...good grief that sounds huge! {at or over 7lbs & about 20" long }

Exercise: I don't really know. I've been getting out of the gym and outside when it's nice, so pretty much all the really pretty days we've had recently I've been outside walking Phinley. 

Maternity Clothes: Still a mix, but mostly all of my pants are maternity {except the gaucho pants in the picture, of course}.

Gender: BOY

Movement: He's still moving a lot in there :) It's so strange to be able to feel the contour of his feet/legs/etc...I'm not sure what it is exactly, but it definitely has definition. Ryan has felt a couple of times and agrees...so weird :0P  

Sleep: It's been a bit of a miss recently. I'm pretty sure Baby H has dropped and hits my bladder A LOT more than he did a few weeks ago. I'm up pretty much every hour to use the bathroom and have been h-o-t at night.  Getting ready for a newbie I guess ;0)

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach and/or back!!

Cravings: Just hungry a lot. I eat and then feel SOOOO full....so I've really been trying to break up my meals and eat smaller amounts, although when I get hungry I'm ravenous and it's hard to not want to eat everything! I still look forward to ice cream each night!

Best Moment of the Week: His personalized receiving blanket came in the mail! He has lots of blankets, but this one is special and something his Mommy really wanted for a while....you'll see soon ;0)

Baby H keeps packing on the pounds! Hope he doesn't get too big in there...he does need to fit coming out! He is most likely able to flex his limbs now and his little fingernails could have grown past the end of his fingers!

Good report from the doctor last Wednesday! I'm 1.5cm dilated and 75% effaced. She said that was great for this point in pregnancy and with the first one. Of course, it's no real indication labor and delivery are close, but it's progression!! During my walks with Phinley I notice a lot more Braxton Hicks, but definitely nothing painful. More pressure and cramping, but again, nothing really too painful. I go back tomorrow for another check -- we'll see if I made any more progress.

I've also been noticing a lot more brown spots on my face. I've never had freckles or spots like this - it's interesting. I mentioned something to Ryan and he noticed for the first time yesterday {or noticed enough to mention}. I think all the time in the sun brought them out :) My skin is still pretty clear, so definitely no complaining here!!

I've been getting a lot of encouraging words and comments from friends and family as we get close. We're prepared as we'll be at this point and just want a healthy, happy baby at the end of it all! Either way this week ends...it's exciting! Easter is just around the corner!!

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Andrea said...

You look so fantastic! I can't believe how much bigger your belly seems over these last two weeks. And from that picture taken from the front, I would say it looks like you have dropped. Can't wait to hear that baby Harris is here!

Erin and Ryan said...

Andrea I know! My stomach has grown like crazy! Haha and from the front...oh my word :-p Cant really help how big he grows in there....just so he fits coming out ;-)

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