Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{38 weeks}

How Far Along: 38 weeks - ohmygoodness that's 2 weeks till due date!

Size of BabyLeek or Pumpkin {around 6.8lbs & over 19" long }

Exercise: 4x - I'm so so thankful my back has been feeling good! A long walk with Phinley on Sunday was awesome and at the gym the other days trucking along on the elliptical and hand bike. Gotta love the hand bike ;0) 

Maternity Clothes: You bet! Mostly non-maternity around the house, but my belly pops out from under those shirts a lot. haha

Gender: just like his dad...

Movement: I feel him move all the time! More now than ever - I love it! It's so reassuring that he's doing okay in there.  

Sleep: It's hit or miss. Ryan was working night shift the end of the week and weekend, so I didn't sleep that well. I wake up scared sometimes and just out of sorts not having him there. You think I'd be used to his night shifts by now. 

What I miss: Bending down to pick things up and namely, get my shoes on, is kinda tough. It'll be nice to have my flexibility back!

Cravings: Vanilla & chocolate twist ice cream cone in a cake cone with rainbow sprinkles. Not that it was specific or anything ;0) 

Best Moment of the Week: Hearing "he looks good" from the doctor after my ultrasound. I was measuring small so an U/S was scheduled, but everything reveals he's anything BUT small. He's measuring 40 weeks a lot of places.....praying that means he comes soon! 

Baby Harris is continuing to shed the vernix caseosa and getting his lungs ready for breathing. If he was born today his body would be ready! This next week he continues to add a bit more weight and fine tune his brain and nervous system.

I'm starting to feel my body get ready for delivery! I can't tell too much if I dropped {it wasn't sudden or quick or anything}, but I do feel more pressure down below ;0) Ryan thinks it looks like I did....but we could both be totally just hoping! I'm starting to leak colostrum, which tells me my body is working and is exciting! If leaking colostrum makes me excited now, I can only imagine how a first dirty diaper will make me feel! haha! It's just so neat to see my body getting ready!

The nursery is 100% done. The diaper bag is packed. The labor and hospital bags are packed. His beach towel is monogrammed for our summer beach trip. All the important things are done and ready ;0) 
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Anonymous said...

I wish you good lucky for the coming delivery!
So happy for you and your Family!

Sandra from Austria

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