Sunday, April 6, 2014

labor & hospital bags: what's inside

Our birthing class instructor suggested we pack 2 bags for the BIG day - one for laboring in the hospital and one for staying in the hospital.

It made complete sense to me, so that's what I did. 

I'd rather take just a backpack in {and possibly out and back in again} than a few days worth of stuff. 

I was really interested in what other people took the hospital when they had their kiddos, so I asked around a bunch and looked on Pinterest {of course} :0) I was really looking for a few things that everyone needed/took/had on hand. I feel so blessed to have honest women in my life who were willing to share with me what they took. If it weren't for them I'd have our whole closet, bathroom, and the baby's room packed up ;0)

Lots of items are very specific to any one person...our bags are no different.

I tried to keep our bags "light," but I'm CERTAIN Ryan will be asked to run out for something I forgot. Things might also change a bit between now and the big day, but here's what we have for sure!!
Labor Bag:
                                          - Birth Plan
                                          - Insurance Information - photocopy of insurance cards
                                          - Letter to Ryan - just something special I'm doing
                                          - DVDs - Lucky One & Soul Surfer...haven't seen either of these in  a while!
                                          - Bananagrams
                                          - iPad
                                          - iPad/iPhone charger
                                          - Socks with grip {instead of slippers}
                                          - Baby Wise book - last minute reading prep - HA
                                          - Clear Liquids...add a Sierra Mist to the Powerade :) {for Ryan & me}
                                          - Snacks - for Ryan
                                          - Hair wraps & ties
                                          - Deodorant - for when one of us starts to smell 
                                          - Toothbrush and toothpaste {in case I throw up :0)}
                                          - Gum
                                          - Chapstick - breathing through your mouth = dry lips
                                          - Erin flip flops for shower {not pictured}
                                          - Erin's pillow w/ old pillow case {not pictured}

Our hospital bag doesn't seem like it has enough BUT there's a lot in the labor bag AND I didn't pack Ryan one lick of anything {except the labor bag}. Ryan is planning to come home and shower and if he wants certain things I decided to just let him get those ready and in his own bag :). I also plan to use as much hospital garb as I can get away with!!

NOTE: Phinley is NOT coming to the hospital. Consider him not packed. BAHAHA     
                                                                         Hospital Bag:
                                              - 1 pair PJs {button up top}
                                              - 2 nursing bras {the kind you can sleep in}
                                              - Baby going home outfit + 1 other button up outfit
                                              - Boppy/nursing pillow
                                              - Toiletries & make-up 
                                              - Going home outfit for me
                                              - Lanolin nipple cream
                                              - 1 pair underwear {not pictured}
                                              - Robe {not pictured}

So that's it! It actually helped me a lot writing this post because I feel like it made me go over my list a few times to make sure we weren't missing anything major, which I'm sure we are ;0) I always always always over pack when we go anywhere, so I'm SHOCKED this is all I'm planning to take. I'll probably add a blanket from home to the hospital bag/pile and maybe more snacks when the time comes! 
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Krystal said...

You may want to bring a few pairs of big, comfy, granny panty underwear so you don't have to wear the mesh hospital panties. :)

Krystal said...

...and don't forget pads. Lots of pads.

Kelsey Winter said...

Sounds like you have it about right. I only stayed in the hospital for one night after Lily's birth and used almost nothing in my bag. I wore the hospital gowns and underwear because it was easiest... I was really sore after labor and didn't enjoy moving around a lot. However, this time I know the hospital has a professional photographer to take pictures, so I may try to make myself a little more presentable. :)

Erin and Ryan said...

Krystal....pads! Yes! bathroom/house is stocked :)

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