Saturday, April 5, 2014

a small note about dates

I'm not big into numbers being anything more than they are - numbers or dates or times. 

No lucky numbers, dates, etc here. Just everything happening the way it's suppose to. The number 5 could be in my life in a big way every day and I'd have no idea. It could walk up to me and give me a high five and I still probably wouldn't think twice about it.

I just don't try to tie things together with dates, times, numbers, repetition, etc. Does that make sense?

SO...I surprised myself when I started thinking about our little man's due date and what was associated with that {I never do this} and it was really interesting to me to find that....

1) His due date is April 22
2) Infertility Week is April 20-26
3) April 23 of last year we decided to stop trying and had our last appointment with the infertility specialist.

I have NO idea when he will be born {it could be tomorrow! ha! yeah right}, but I do find it interesting that all of those dates kind of "came together" all in the same week and almost same day. I mean, seriously, who would have thought almost exactly 1 year after our last meeting with Dr. Shillings we'd be planning for the due date of our baby in my belly!

Again, I don't see this as a sign or anything other than a neat coincidence and am kind of impressed with myself that I even noticed! Actually, I got an email from RMA about infertility week and thought...wait that's when our baby is due...WAIT...didn't we get sperm pens for free last year at our last Dr appointment that same week?? And it all clicked.

Just kinda neat :0P
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