Monday, April 28, 2014

keaton mark is here!

We are SO blessed and beyond in love :)

Keaton Mark is here!

He arrived on Thursday, April 24 @ 6:29pm

He came out just perfect weighing 8lbs 3oz & 20.25inches.

We love love love him. I could snuggle him all day long and kiss his face non-stop :)

His Daddy is the absolute best partner and was such a great encourage during labor, deliver, and now that we're home. 

 photo erinsignatureaqua_web1_zps89bdee36.png
I'm planning to get his birth story written today {he came quick & somewhat easy ;-)}!


Andrea said...

Look at you looking all beautiful after just having a baby! Can't wait to hear your birth story and see more pictures of your gorgeous little guy!

Bethany said...

Congratulations! What a handsome little guy.

Kyle Hagstrom said...


Krystal said...

Oops, that last congrats is from me. Forgot to sign out of my husband's account. :)

Jessica and Felix said...

Congratulations, Erin! This is Emily's friend, Jess, from Bucknell. I have been stalking your blog during your pregnancy and am so, so, so happy for you and Ryan!

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