Tuesday, April 29, 2014

keaton's nursery

Keaton's nursery has been in the making for some time!

It started back at the end of July when we were getting things finalized to adopt. I knew with adoption that we could get called any time to start loving on our new baby with no or little time to get a nursery ready. I know a nursery isn't something that you need for a baby, but for so long I had been looking forward to putting one together and I didn't want to miss that. I wanted a space ready for our little one and so I got started right away!

Ryan put up the wall trim, we painted the room a neutral gray, and bought the crib and other furniture....

THEN....as many of you know...I got pregnant {!!} and it was all put on hold. I had 9 months to get a room together :)

With the major work done {trim, painting, & furniture} I've been adding bits and pieces over the last few months. Mostly, I was waiting to find out if we were having a boy or girl so I could get lots of aqua & navy blue OR pink!

Welcome to our little guys nursery....
As you enter
One of the things that took the longest and make me the happiest is the ABC wall! I started collecting these mid-July when I was in San Francisco with my friend, Jess. Most of them are from a store out in San Fran we found on super clearance. I think about that afternoon & trip when I look at those letters....such a fun memory!!
Some I left plain and others I doctored up a bit with paint or scrapbook paper :)
And one more picture just for fun :) The hamper is on the right of the crib.
Ellie the Elephant & Alex the Alligator won't always be able to nap in the crib with Keaton, but they're looking pretty adorable and cute right now!
Something special I'd been eyeing for our little guy for a year was a personalized blanket by Jennifer Ann. It's thin and more like a receiving blanket, perfect for pictures, cool summer nights, and just having in his room. 

Who doesn't want something with their name printed on the fabric?? Exactly.

This is the side opposite the crib and ABC wall. The small paper lanterns are on a light switch, which will be perfect for late night diaper changes and feedings. No big, bright lights for us! Or trying to find the plug...so excited about this simple thing. 

The circle monogram was a must for me! I knew I wanted his name or monogram on the wall and the circle in navy blue seemed like the perfect combination to equal sophisticated boy. I see this and the curtains staying in his room for a long, long time.
Just a few of the items I made special for his room :) 
This metal cart fits perfectly between the 2 windows! It's from Ikea and the perfect shade of turquoise/aqua :) I didn't have a specific purpose for it; I just knew the color was right and the metal added a little bit of boy.  

I used my Silhouette Cameo to make the vinyl "No. 1, No. 2, No. 3" for the front.  
Here's what it has so far....
Hats & homemade burp cloths
 I laid out the personalized burp cloths so you can see :) 
Someone gave me a handmade burp cloth as a gift and I loved it, so I made a bunch more! Only a handful are personalized, but they're all unique!
And the closet....

We're super lucky to have big closets in our house! Plenty of space for anything and everything you don't want in the main room. This will always be a work in progress. Some spaces just aren't ever done.... 
Yes, the clothes are arranged by size. 
No, you can never have too many.

Looks like a lot more than it is 0:-)

All the same goes for the diapers.
And in case you were curious {I always am!} here's a list of where some of the things came from...

{Items List}
Dresser & Nightstand - Hemnes collection
Metal Cart - Raskog kitchen cart {turquoise}
Paper Lanterns - Target
Curtains - Rugby Blackout Panel {navy & white : 44"x84"}
Glider - Dutailier Sleigh {Espresso/Light Gray}
Ottoman - Dutailier Nursing {Espresso/Light Gray}
Nightstand Lamp - Shade & 12" Base
Circle Monogram - Etsy {unfinished & spray painted navy blue}
Personalized Blanket - Jennifer Ann {color: navy, size: large, all lower case letters}
Closet Cube Storage - Target
Closet Cube Storage Bins - Target
Walrus Caddy - 3 Sprouts

 photo erinsignatureaqua_web1_zps89bdee36.png


Danielle said...

This. is. STUNNING! I love all the little details but especially LOVE LOVE LOVE that ABC wall and the pennant banner!! So precious! Bet you're so glad to have little Mr. Keaton home. :)

Anonymous said...

Erin, You and Ryan have put together a wonderful nursery for precious Keaton. It's a beautiful space in which to spend time. I love the nighttime lighting for changing and the nearby rocking chair for rocking Keaton back to sleep and just for enjoying him in your arms, snuggles up nice and close. Love, hugs and blessings to your family of three, Rosanne

Anonymous said...

I believe that should be "snuggled" not "snuggles".

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner's infertility link up. I just wanted to say congratulations and this nursery is BEAUTIFUL! Great job!


Meredith Atkinson said...

I've seen that teal Ikea cart in so many different spaces and it looks great in this room! I think I need one for myself just because it's so cute :)
The little lantern nightlights are such a good idea!

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