Wednesday, April 23, 2014

baby update

The update is....there is NO update! Ha

Dr. appointment today showed no more progression. He's nice and low, but that's about it :-) I could have told you that without an apt though -- I've never had to use the bathroom more! 

I really can't believe I'm a day over my due date (and here I thought he'd come early!!) I feel like I could be pregnant for a while longer, I honestly feel great and not much different than a few weeks ago. I know I'm a lucky one and not every woman feels the same way. 

I can't wait to meet out little guy, but I also love to feel him kick and have him so close to my heart!! 

We're hoping for his arrival sometime this week or weekend and if not...Tuesday is the big induction day!! 

1 comment:

Chelley N said...

I went overdue with my son, so I know how impatient you must be to meet your little one! It's wonderful that you feel so good . . . you look great too! Can't wait to hear about the birth.

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