Tuesday, April 22, 2014

{40 weeks}

Don't let the angle in the above picture fool you...my belly sticks way out ;0)

How Far Along: 40 weeks - Happy Due Date Little Man!

Size of BabySmall Pumpkin! {about 7.5lbs & 20" long }

Exercise: Still embracing the nice days and walking Phinley all the time. He's in the best shape of his life, which leaves me tired and slightly afraid of the little monster that will soon be a "big brother" and need to walk 3 miles just to get worn out ;0) 

Maternity Clothes: The answer for this is the same every week; I mix things up between maternity and non-maternity. I cleaned out my closet Saturday and pulled out a few heavier maternity items to put away for.....a while. I'm just not planning to wear big bulky sweaters anymore {helllloooo spring!}.

Gender: b-o-y

Movement: Slow rolls and movements all week. He's squished in there.

Sleep: This week has been really good! Getting up to use the bathroom a lot, but I'm still sleeping pretty comfortably and can roll from side to side without any issues. 

What I miss: My old clothes {that's SO vain!}

Cravings: No real cravings - all food sounds good to me :) I've probably embraced this last week of pregnancy and "eating for 2" a little too much though.....

Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating Easter Sunday with friends and then my Mom arriving for Baby H's arrival this week!

Happy Due Date Baby Harris!!

Baby H is pretty much ready to go! He's got lots of fat to keep his body temperature stable and his skull  bones aren't fused so he can make it through the birth canal.

I continue to feel amazing! And I'm not just saying that either! Some days I don't even feel that pregnant {other than bending over with basketball belly} and do everything I used to do before. I try to take it easy, but have a lot of energy and just can't sit still for long periods of time without feeling antsy. 

I got another nesting urge over the weekend and completely reorganized our clothes closet. It all started with a container of odor eaters {don't ask} and ended with a bag of donation clothes and everything moved around just a little. Sometimes I walk in and just look at it. hahaha!

My mom arrived Easter Sunday night to be here for when Baby H is born. I thought for sure he'd be early, but looks like he'll either be just on time or a little late. Some days I feel like things are happening and he's going to make his debut and other days I feel like he's smiling and just as cozy as a cucumber in there :) I know when God is ready for him to come, he will! 

Until then...doctor appointment tomorrow morning to see what's going on!

Stay tuned!!

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Rene' said...

Happy due date! How wonderful that your mom is able to be there with you as you wait for your little man to arrive. I loved your Good Friday and Easter posts. Easter is definitely about so much more and it's amazing when we stop to remember exactly what God has done for us. :)

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