Wednesday, March 12, 2014

strolling along

My parents gifted us with a stroller and car seat a while ago -- back when we were planning and preparing for adoption! It was so generous of them!

We've had it in the nursery closet all boxed up for months. After going back and forth on the color {love the model} I decided to exchange the sandstone I originally chose, for black and had the new one sent to my parent's house. 

We opened it during our visit a few weeks ago. Putting all the baby equipment together seems like a good soon-to-be Dad job, so I got Ryan right on it....he was happy to help :)

Phinley does not look happy about all this...he stayed close and on full alert the entire time.
I decided on the Britax B-Agile & B-Safe travel system. It was SO easy to put together. The directions weren't needed at all {this picture is misleading ;0)}.
Poor Phin won't know what to do with himself when the baby comes!
 And just like that the stroller was up and the car seat was trying to make us feel stupid. Releasing it from the base is super easy....when you know how to do it. haha
This thing turns on a dime and is a piece of cake to open and close. It's also SO light {a whooping 16lbs}.
Ellie the Elephant gave it a test run around the house :)
Installing the car seat was 100% Ryan. He read the instruction manual from front to back and had it installed in no time. He's too funny....I love how thorough he is. I'm not at all, so we're a good team when it comes to putting things together {he does it}. BAHAHA
 Can't wait to see our bundle buckled in and ready to head home :)
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