Monday, March 17, 2014

there's a class for that

Last week, Ryan and I were on class overload...or at least I was.

Tuesday: breastfeeding class
Wednesday: parenting class at church
Thursday: last birthing class & hospital tour

They all happened to fall on the same week, which was fine, just a lot of getting ready for baby/becoming a mommy over a few days time. It made things very real and lit a fire under my butt which caused me to run to the nursery and start washing and organizing newborn clothes first thing Friday morning.

I'm only was Thursday night

The birthing class was 4 weeks long and ended with the hospital tour. I was most excited about this - I always feel better when I know exactly where to go when I'm stressed or anxious. I've heard great things about Hershey Med and know quite a few women who have had really good experiences delivering there. I would be lying if I said I was shocked surprised by how small the postpartum room super duper small. I know it doesn't make much of a difference and we'll be in and out, but still....the 3 of us will barely fit. Unless I'm remembering it wrong, but I don't think so. haha Bonding time for sure! 

Recovery room size isn't important though, what is important is care and Hershey has a great NICU and doctors!

The first 3 birthing classes were, ummmm, eye opening. I feel like I've been really blessed with friends and family who have kids and given me a lot of good, accurate information in regards to what to expect, but there was certainly still a lot to learn!! I know I won't/don't remember everything, but it was nice to be able to ask questions and get an overview on what to expect specifically at Hershey. 

I plan to write a birth plan, but know I'll do whatever I need to, to make sure our guy is coming to us healthy and safe. I like a plan, but feel very {strangely} relaxed knowing the experience will unfold the way God intends.

The breastfeeding class was just that...all about breastfeeding. Nursing our son is a number 1 priority for me. It's something I've known I always wanted to do. I wanted to try with our adopted child and still might one day!! That will be even more challenging, but maybe I'll have a leg...errr...breast up on the whole situation!

And the parenting class is a 5 week study at my church. So far it's awesome! I know we'll never really be ready to be parents, but we can try.....


We're really getting things together and the nursery has been organized and reorganized {thanks shower!} for the little guy. I have what I need {minus a robe} and most of his gear has been assembled!! Just making a few things with his name on it and using all my self control to not take pictures and send to my mom and sisters! We're getting to close to let his name slip now! 

His name is officially official.

Any guesses? 
CLUE: it's NOT Juan Pablo ;0) 
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Chelley N said...

I remember taking all of those classes before having our {looooong awaited} first child. I would go back and forth between feeling completely overwhelmed and feeling like "I got this!" Ha! In the end though, there were a lot of helpful things I learned from the classes, and I was glad that I took them!

Lynn said...

Love reading your blogs. Ryan just said classes were over and room was small. The end. My name guesses this week are Jeremiah or Jacob. Maybe you should give hints. (Like- in the Bible, or has the letter s in it) Doesn't matter to me at all what the name is- it will be wonderful.

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