Thursday, January 30, 2014

this & that

I've been busy, but not busy over here...if that makes sense :) 

Since I stopped working before Christmas, I have a whole list of projects that have been started, finished, and not started. It's SO nice not to be in a big rush or on a time table to get things done!!

I feel so incredibly blessed to have this time at home before Little Man comes. Ryan has been so good to me and has helped a ton with hanging stuff, moving furniture, and listening to me talk endlessly about how the whole house needs reorganized before the baby comes....and how the furniture needs moved all around!


I like to keep our furniture arrangements and decorations fresh anyways, so these nesting instincts {I don't even care if it's too early} only make matters worse. 

Let me add that for Christmas Ryan got me a professional grade label maker AND Silhoutte Cameo...he knows me so well! Love him so much! 

I'm excited to share our mudroom command center and new/not new office set up! More on those later! 

Other than the non-important projects happening at my house, there are so many good things happening right now for a lot of my friends!! Lots of pregnancies being announced and exciting job opportunities! It feels so good to celebrate with them!

It's bitter and cold outside, but the Harris house has been warm and happy :) 
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