Thursday, December 5, 2013


Our Thanksgiving this year was spent in NJ with Ryan's side of the family.

We're really growing! The dinner table was packed! Ryan and I had our usual spots in the back corner of the table. We volunteer to go back there because we don't have kiddos to chase {yet} and I get my water refilled without having to squeeze out {just kidding Lynn! haha}

I contributed the stuffing and.....
Caramel popcorn to the good eats! My first time making it and I think it turned out pretty good! Looks like we have gifts for all the neighbors ;-)

Everything at dinner and all the leftovers were SO good. I pretty much ate my way through the whole weekend. At my Dr. appointment on Monday the PA looked at my weight and said, "oh, well, we just had a holiday." If that doesn't scream "you ate too much" I'm not sure what does! Obviously, she has a way with words :0P

The grandparents babysat on Friday night so all the big kids could to see the new Hunger Games. It was really good - I definitely recommend it! And I think the little ones had fun too!
We didn't do any shopping on Friday....I can't even remember if we left the house. Ryan scoured the ads and looked online over and over to find a good deal, but there really wasn't anything worth while. 

Saturday was the annual tree picking, cutting, and trimming day! The boys & Shannon were in charge here - she picked this beauty. The guys got the lights up and working....
With Ethan's help of course. 
Andrew was going to help clean-up, until Grandma got out the vacuum. HAHA! Bless his heart - he hid behind the step the whole time. He did a nice job hanging up the ornaments though! And then made a big sad face when there weren't any presents to go under the tree yet. If Aunt Erin had know...I would have brought something wrapped up and ready! :)  
 It was nice to get away for a few days and Ryan really needed the time off work! We're thankful for his job, but also for long weekends with family!!

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lharris said...

YOu took some great pictures! Fun day.

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