Sunday, December 8, 2013

christmas decorations

We're ready for Christmas at our house! 

We were ready inside Thanksgiving weekend and now we're ready outside! 

Ryan is in charge of getting up the inside tree and outside lights....
Phin and I weren't worried about him being on the roof at all. 
And to make us feel really good....the extender tool. 
Turns out he's a professional {and very safe}. Just look....
 The snow we got today completes the look :) 
A quick little history about the window swags....they were made by my Mom and used to hang outside the windows at her house, then my oldest sister used them at her house, and then I got them {just the perfect number too!!} for our house!
 And a quick little tour of the inside {this is my spot!}

Dining room - nice and simple...
Family room
Yes, that's Phinley's stocking on the far right :) I envision a Little People nativity right about where those reindeer are next year!
My Mom also made the piece over our fireplace...I know. She's talented.
View from family room into foyer. The colored lights don't really go, but I like them!
Close-up on the beloved nativity in our foyer.
 And our newest little flash of JOY! haha!
 We have lots of other little things here and there - common over and see for yourself ;0)  

Merry Christmas!

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