Monday, December 23, 2013

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I just happen to have the best co-workers - ever

For the last 2 years, I've worked as a computer aide at an elementary school. I decided to stop working at Christmas and start staying home to get ready for little man {as ready as I can get anyways ;0)}.

It was SO interesting {??} telling the students I wouldn't be coming back in January. Some cried, some laughed....some picked their nose. The new woman who is in my spot is amazing and the kids will LOVE her! I'm so excited for them to have a fresh face and get new ideas! 

Saying that is have been a blessing getting to know all the women {and very few men} at my school is an understatement. They are thoughtful, kind-hearted, and genuinely good people! I'm shy and quiet - so it took some time for me to warm up, but was well worth it! I was so sad to say good-bye on Friday, but I know I'll be back for first grade lunch and to show off Little Man :) 

Friday morning was a teacher breakfast and they threw me a little surprise party EXCEPT....I missed it. :( 

Phinley ran away right as I was getting my coffee ready and I spent 20 minutes driving around our development looking for him. It was during the busiest traffic time in our neighborhood too{trash man, people leaving for work, school buses, etc.} I did find him and he was FINE, but now definitely on the "naughty dog list." He'll be lucky if he sees ONE of the snausages {sp??} from the 3lb bag I bought him for his stocking!! 

I was 30 minutes late for school. Woomp Woomp. 


Look at this awesome basket of diapers they gave me! 
If you look really close you'll see fun little surprise notes in each one for those long, tired nights of diaper changing. It's taking all my self-control to not read them all but I'll wait! 
And look at these adorable outfits from the speech teacher {also an Erin}! Ryan read the one that said "Awesome like Daddy" out loud and had the biggest smile on his face. He doesn't react much, so this was huge! haha 
  Love the "NEW!" onesie! And little jammies :)  These were from the woman taking my position - I kind!! See! Everyone is so thoughtful! I think I cried with every gift I opened. 
These are from another teacher, but not at my school. My BFF gave these to me a bit ago but I had to share! I mean, seriously, mustache shoes?!? 

I'm dying. 
It seems so silly, but these gifts are making Baby Boy so real to me. I still can't believe I'm growing him and he could be born with Ryan's good looks and red hair {or my good looks and brown hair - bahaha}. 

We're so blessed!
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