Wednesday, December 25, 2013

christmas in PA 2013

Merry Christmas! 
Ryan & I Christmas morning...
I'm only a few days late ;-)

We had a blessed Christmas with both sides of our family. We traveled to my sister's {Jenn} house on Christmas Eve and stayed until the 26th. 

My parents had been at her house for a few days already, so when we got there the party was already started!! Owen, my sister's son, is 9 and definitely made the holiday more exciting. I LOVE having kids around at Christmas....they spice things up! Their anticipation is contagious - I couldn't sleep because I was so excited FOR HIM! haha! I'm going to be ridiculous when I have my own kids. 

Needless to say....there were plenty of presents for everyone!
We take our time opening presents and have a breakfast intermission so it takes all morning which I LOVE! It's nice to open a present from someone and have them see you open it and then say thank-you. It will be much more crazy busy when we have a couple kids, but I want to try and keep it this way!

Here are some pictures of our morning :) 
She's had her old hair dryer for....oh...probably 10 years or more! It was time :) 
Owen was SO surprised he got a new fancy baseball bat...hugs for Mom & Dad for that one!
 He got lots of other baseball equipment too...he's 9 and into all things sports ;0)
Batter UP!

His Aunt Emily {owner of Gussied Up Baby} embroidered this Phillies jersey for him. It was pretty awesome!
And this guy got all kinds of "Daddy" goodies! Baby Harris even went shopping for some Daddy wear!!
Speaking of Dad....nice duds Dad ;0) He likes to wear everything he gets....haha! Mom seems to like his new look!!

My parents came to our house on the 26th and the four of us went out for a nice dinner that evening. The next morning we were busy getting ready to celebrate Ryan's big 30th birthday and getting odds and ends taken care of before the rest of the family came.

Emily and her family arrived early Friday afternoon. We just hung out until Jenn and her guys {who we spent Christmas with} arrived around dinner. Ryan didn't get home from work until 7ish, so we had a late-ish birthday dinner and then exchanged presents.

Obviously, Phinley helped....
And then found cozy spots around the sofa the rest of the night
Gussied Up Baby did it again with cozies and a drink holder for the Berry's!
Asher investigated the details... 
And I got something for baby H! There's lots of Daddy stuff accumulating...glad to see he'll be my Lil' Pumpkin this fall ;0)  
Jenn knows all about having a Lil' Pumpkin, although he's more like a big pumpkin now...and carries around 
a Phillies pillow pet {thanks to the grandparents for that one!}
We don't all get together very often and it's never long enough, but it's so nice to all be together when we can! Busy schedules, small kids, and distance would make it hard for any family! 

Asher was a trip the whole time! He talked and talked and talked! He is SO funny! I love that age :-)

Everyone was gone by Sunday & I did laundry in a quiet, boring house :-(

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