Thursday, November 28, 2013


Throughout the month of November I like to share something I'm thankful for each day. I've done this once, maybe twice, in the past. This year I thought I'd do one big list for each week of the year. 

I have so much to be thankful for; BIG and small. Some of these things seem obvious and on everyone's list....others are just small and special to me.

1. God's grace and forgiveness.
2. husband ever!
3. Baby Harris 
4. Mom & Dad
5. Lynn & Larry {Ryan's parents}
6. Sisters {Emily & Jenn}
7. In-laws...yes! All of them :) 
8. Nieces {Alayna & Hadley}
9. Nephews {Andrew, Owen, Asher, Ethan, & Landon}
10. Phinley {aka: fuzz head, fuzzy buns, Mr. Phin}
11. Devonshire Church family
12. Small Group
13. A beautiful home to grow into
14. Letters from the Compassion kids we sponsor
15. NJ Beach summer vacation
16. Trip to Hawaii in June
17. Caring co-workers at Nye
18. Ability to come in late for work when I was going through treatment cycles
19. San Francisco trip w/ Jess in July
20. A dependable car
21. Washer & dryer that work great and are upstairs
22. Finances to get the groceries we need {+ extras} each week
23. A husband who lets me splurge on myself sometimes
24. Pedicures during the summer {this is borderline should see my feet! haha}
25. Being able to end work at the end of this December and become a SAM :)
26. Manicures from Mom
27. Phillies game with the fam
28. Visit from my parents and Owen during the summer
29. Walking through God's beautiful creation - Muir Woods
30. Pajama Day @ school {I looked forward to this since September}
31. Oreck - I like to vacuum, ok?
32. Getting to meet Hadley & Ethan for the first time {!!!}
33. Fro-yo
34. Alarm system so I could get some sleep in November when Ryan worked 6 nights a week
35. Opportunity to go through everything needed to get in the books to adopt - learned a lot for the future
36. Chinese, pizza, cheese....preggo craving when I needed wanted them
37. Support and encouragement from so many family, friends, & strangers as we went through fertility treatments
38. The quietness of very early mornings
39. Ryan being asked to attend supervisor training next summer
40. 3 & 4 day weekends
41. Running with Dad
42. Long phone conversations with Mom
43. Sending pictures of completed crafts/projects to my sister and getting an encouraging "that looks great!!" response
44. Jess' family who took me in last Christmas day when Ryan was working
45. Little hugs from kids in the 2-3 year old class at church
46. Sunday afternoon phone talks with Jenn
47. A gym membership
48. Ryan leaving me notes on our mudroom chalkboard
49. Snow days off from school
50. Phinley's excitement when I get home from work
51. Basic needs met each day. Hot water is a beautiful thing.
52. Love and mercy God grants me

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