Tuesday, November 26, 2013

{19 weeks}

How Far Along: 19 weeks 
Size of Baby: Mango! About 6" long 
Exercise: 5x
Maternity Clothes: Bought a few more things on major sale online...all look very cozy and warm for the winter months :)
Gender: 6 days {yay!!!!} For everyone else it will be a little longer....sorry ;0) 
Movement: I thought I felt the baby move a few days ago {even called Ryan - just got his voicemail}, but I'm not 100% sure. I'd like to wait and celebrate this when I know it's definitely happening! I know some woman don't feel anything until week 20 or after and some do around week 16...so I'm not losing sleep over it or anything, would just like to know he/she is well and safe in there. Will find out on Monday at our appointment!
Sleep: So far, so good
What I miss: What's to miss? 
Cravings: I had pizza the last 2 days and it was delightful. Cheese still calls my name!
Aversions: Nothing, really! I've been drinking coffee all week and it tastes just like it used to :) 
Best Moment: Girl's night last night!

Baby Harris' brain is specializing areas for tasting, smelling, hearing, touching, and seeing. Baby's arms and legs are the right proportion to the rest of his/her body and the vernix caseosa is starting to develop on the outside of the body. Such a busy little thing in there! 

There really isn't a day that goes by during this pregnancy when the thoughts of the baby we were planning to adopt don't go through my mind. Being pregnant is such a HUGE blessing and beyond all I could have imagined, but at times I feel like this is all going to end with more than a perfect little blessing. I know God is preparing my heart for the other child/children we're destined to be with 2....4....6.....years from now through means of adoption. It's hard to explain, but this miracle is teaching me things I don't think I could have really ever learned any other way...and he/she isn't even here yet! A seed was planted in my heart late May and it's being fertilized and nurtured through this pregnancy in such a big way. I wasn't sure how I would feel about adoption as the weeks went on, but more than ever I know all that had happened this past winter was for a purpose and if for nothing else, than to plant a seed that God would nourish with a miracle of our own. 

We're almost half-way there and I'm bursting at the seams to know if I'm carrying a boy or girl! It seems appropriate we're finding out on cyber Monday...my credit card will be hot and ready for free shipping on all the cutest baby things I can find online ;0)  

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