Saturday, November 23, 2013

a little about ryan

I was going to write a little warning and explanation for this post, but it's my blog. Ha! I love Ryan and don't care who gets tired of hearing it :)

When you're married to a man like Ryan, it's easy to have very high expectations. He's a real catch. I mean the best of the best.

A lot of what goes on here is about me...I am doing the writing after all! So here's a little about my man...

If you don't know {and you might from some posts a long time ago} Ryan operates a nuclear power plant. They're currently in an outage, which is a period of time he works 12hr shifts, 6 days a week. That is This particular outage he was in charge of refueling....supervising a group of men who move nuclear fuel in and out of a reactor. 

Gaaahhh. Did anyone else's blood pressure just rise?

If not, maybe this will help. He came home the other day talking about how getting those last few sets {that's not the right word, but let's pretend} back in the reactor is really hard, because it's hard to see down in the water with all the other sets and the blue glow.  Apparently, nuclear fuel glows blue. 


Sometimes I ask him stupid questions the people you supervise listen to you? Aren't they older than you? He just looks me and I laugh. Of course they listen to Ryan - he's their supervisor. I'm usually the one directing things around the house though, so it's weird for me to think of him in that role!

And before you think another thought...YES I'm tooting his horn big time!! He is smart and accomplished and not even 30 yet.


I'm proud of this man.

But he's not all brain. More than that he's heart. {And good looks.}
He is dedicated to living a life that is pleasing & obedient to God and willing to do the work it takes to live that way.

He doesn't always throw his tissues away and leaves them piled on his dresser for me to clean up, but he prays with me before we go to sleep each night and prays for our baby. When I think of him as a Daddy, I just start to cry. He will be so fun and patient and challenge our kids to be their best selves, but always enough for his love no matter what they can and can't do. 

I know Ryan isn't perfect and I'm not saying that is he, but he is more than I could have ever asked for in a husband. I was young when we met and was just drawn to him - I blame God for that ;0) Maybe it was his willingness to listen to me talk for hours or do whatever I wanted on our dates....he's stuck with me forever now. 


And if you made it this far and haven't barfed yet - awesome! I'm just a pregnant, sappy wife loving hard on her man. So proud of who he is and how he's grown over the last 5 years we've been married. 

I love you Ryan. xox

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lharris said...

He is such a good man!

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