Friday, September 27, 2013

telling our families

I really wish I had more self-control :-)

Within 2 days of getting all the positives I was on the phone with my family. In my mind and before we had planned to adopt, I wanted to tell them in a really exciting and creative way, but I just couldn't help myself! So I picked up the phone and called.

Ha! Pretty creative, huh? 

Their reactions were great and pretty much the same. Our conversations went something like this...

    Me: We have some news....
Family: Ok
                                              Me: You're not going to believe this, but we're pregnant!
                                         Family:  wow. WOW. That's amazing!!

Almost everyone gave me 2 "wows" Haha!

I could feel their joy through the phone :)

Even though it didn't end up being as creative as I wanted it to be, it was still very exciting!!

It was a little different with Ryan's family.

We knew we'd be seeing them all in a few weeks for family pictures, so we somehow managed to only tell his parents and keep it a surprise from the rest.

I had watched a bunch of surprise pregnancy announcement videos on YouTube and knew just what I wanted to do! I cried so many times watching these videos; partly because it's so emotional watching people react to such great news and partly because I didn't think we'd ever get the chance to do it. Ahhh - looks like we had our chance! 

To set up the video a little....

We were all together for one last big family shot and Ryan hopped out of the picture with his phone and told everyone I wanted one really quick for my blog. Everyone seemed up for it, but insisted that Shannon's BF take the picture so Ryan could be in it with the family!! We somehow managed to get everyone quiet and instead of using the camera, Ryan used the video recorder and taped our announcement and their reactions! 

It's might want to watch it a few times ;0) 

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Bethany said...

The video...why can't I see the video?!?

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