Wednesday, August 14, 2013

hawaii: kona 5K

Who the heck runs a 5k when they're on vacation in Hawaii?

Oh right, us. 

A few weeks before we left, I was searching for stuff to do and came across the Kona Marathon, except we weren't ready to run the marathon. Or half-marathon. Or 10K. 


3.1 miles sounded far enough :) 
PLUS a t-shirt and authentic shell lei -- some souvenirs you just can't buy!

So I signed us up! Ryan was less than excited, but I knew he would do well and it'd be fun! 

Before the race.... 
And after...
We {somehow} each managed to get 1st place in our age division! {well...if you don't count the overall first place male & female winner...they also happened to be in our age group and won a separate award -ha!} At least our medal/trophies say "1st Place"! 

We were SO surprised! My time was 25:19, which is not that fast for a 5k! I'll take it though :) 

Miss Kona Coffee handed me my award - it was an honor. Bahaha. Might I add that she looked especially beautiful next to all us sweaty, over heated runners. :) 
 I'm not sure who Ryan got - someone equally as beautiful and sweat free. 
We laughed about our race "trophies" the whole way back to the hotel! Fun memory for sure!

Next up: random pictures!

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Mr. First Grade said...

Love that you guys ran while on vacation :-) I need to kick my butt into gear if I have any hope of running the half-marathon in October!!


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