Tuesday, August 13, 2013

hawaii: ocean sports


We went out early in the morning to do our ocean sports - the water was calm and sun was bright, but we didn't have our camera....womp womp.

So we had our fun and spent hours on all the different ocean "toys," the went back later in the afternoon with our big camera to catch some action shots. Unfortunately it was a little rough and cloudy, but we had a blast both times! It's amazing how much easier the paddle boarding was earlier in the day!

For our "photo-opt" I let Ryan go first :) 
{Also...if the pictures appear super cropped, they are! Lots of bikini bodies photo bombing our shots! haha}

Going out....
Getting up.... 
And down :) 
 Coming back in.... 
 MY turn! Going out....
Getting up
 Trying not to hit that guy :) 
The paddle board was my favorite, but there were all kinds of ocean "toy" like...

The water bike! Ahhhh I loved this! Just a little hard to maneuver....
{no, Ryan didn't hit that mother daughter duo} 
He went out and around that boat - I died laughing watching him s-l-o-w-l-y pedal his way around.

 We also did kayaking and a glass bottom boat ride! 

Definitely one of my favorite days! 

Next up: Kona 5K!

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