Tuesday, June 18, 2013

last day of school

Did anyone else cry the last day of school?

Right...didn't think so. 

To me that day was more than just the last one - it was the last day in what I would consider the most exciting/scary/inconsistent year of my life so far.

See anybody who works at a school has a year that runs from September --> June {summer is just...summer}.  So when June rolled around it was like the end to "my" year. A year of trying to get pregnant and finding out month after month, that was not part of the plan.

I hugged teachers goodbye with tears in my eyes because it wasn't just a "have a great summer" hug -- it was a "thanks for your support, love, understanding, checking-in, and consistency during the year of wild hormones and "crazy" pills" hug.

It was the consistency of my job this year that I needed to get through all the unknowns.

The teachers, kids, even computers {ha!} were my constant. Well...the kids were most of the time ;) Those buggers can be pretty unpredictable sometimes.

It sounds kinda simple now that I think about, but I'm not into complicated. God blesses us in unique ways and I feel like this was no different. He knew I needed something to keep myself busy this "year" and blessed with me a great job and awesome co-workers -- simple as that.

Another chapter of my story written and a school year that stands out above all the rest. 

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