Sunday, February 10, 2013

weekend machine work

Even though Ryan had to work all weekend, Phinley and I have kept busy :) I've been fighting a cold, so I'd work a little around the house, then sit and watch TV. I've just been so tired -- it was good to be low key this weekend! 

Last weekend we celebrated Jonah's 1st birthday! He got a cute little navy zip up sweatshirt as a gift and at his parents request {and my offer}, I added a little something special to the back ;0)

Here's the birthday boy....

A Lil Stutz in the making :0) 

I was happy to embroider his sweatshirt, but I'm always so nervous that I'll mess up and ruin the only one I have {or the machine will mess up!}. So....I often go and buy an extra. haha

It really paid off this time, because it was mistake free and I ended up with another one to make for Micah Man! He just celebrated his big first birthday a few weeks ago, remember?

This came 100% from his parents! At first they said to put "little brother," then his Daddy added "BIG trouble." I think it's cute!

 My sister, Emily, and I both agree that embroidery is great on the back of a shirt or sweatshirt!  In my opinion, it's a lot easier to do {on a zip up, at least} and you can see it! Sometimes it's hard to see the front of a cute shirt behind food stains, bibs, drool, hands, etc :0)

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Kelsey Winter said...

The sweatshirts turned out great! And I love the saying on Micah's.

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