Thursday, February 7, 2013

2 sues!

She's here! 

My Kelly Moore 2 Sues actually came a few weeks ago, but I've been busy doing a lot of nothing and haven't gotten around to sharing yet! 

It took me a while to decide on a camera bag. 

I wanted one that would be super versatile -- could be a purse/diaper bag/camera bag for during the day  and then also be able to hold my iPad and cables when traveling. 

There really aren't a ton of camera bags that can double as a purse. I found some really cute ones and even ordered one, but the color just wasn't my back it went :( I can admit now that I just loved the 2 Sues  and was settling with the other. I don't buy expensive purses, so this was definitely a splurge and I wanted to LOVE it!! 

I do! 

Here she is in grey -- you can find it here too :) 

The pockets in the front are perfect for my cell phone and lip gloss {just sayin'}. 

The interior has 3 adjustable padded panels. I especially like the large one on the side for my iPad. The purple is pretty too! 

In the extra pockets, I have my extra lense{which I need to learn how to use!} and the extra long strap that came with the bag. I've found that the shorter strap works perfectly for the purse look, so that's what I've been using. The longer one would be good for making it a cross body bag.

I have used it as a purse/camera bag and my wallet fit perfectly in the one side. 

It has a TON of pockets! There are pockets everywhere! I think that when I need to fill the inside with diapers and drink cups {one day!} I'll use the credit card slots on the back side, but probably not the SD card slots....I don't take that many pictures! haha

I was just tickled when I got it! I feel like my camera is protected because the entire thing is padded and there are "feet" on the bottom to give it a little structure and keep it from pounding straight on the ground.

Thanks Ryan for letting me splurge ;0) 

Love it :) 

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Andrea said...

Wow I love it!! Good choice. :-)

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