Sunday, February 3, 2013

basement shelving

Man! I wish I had a before picture of our basement storage mess. 

We have bins for all of our holiday decorations and they used to be stacked into a high pile in one of the corners. 

I feared for my life trying to get them down and then stack them back up. Decorations that didn't have a bin kinda just got thrown on the top of it all. It went against everything that's within me -- I hate a pile of stuff!!! 

Ryan put up these shelves and they are amazing!!

Apparently they hold 4,000lbs each. I guess that's enough ;0) 

I try to tell Ryan all the time about how nice it is to have things stored away neatly and I think this time he definitely agreed! He kept saying how much better it looked and even had to be asked to get out of the way for the picture {he was standing and admiring his handy work}  :) 

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