Wednesday, February 13, 2013

favorite not holiday

Valentine's Day is my favorite non-holiday holiday! 

I realize it's not really a holiday, but like to pretend like it's one!  Red and pink are my favorite colors and hearts are my favorite shape :0) 

I know that Ryan loves me every day -- can't ask for much more than that! He's truly the most inspiring, supportive man I know. Dad is a very very close 2nd! 

I'm so grateful to have many people to love and who love me...I know everyone isn't as lucky.

Ryan and I don't have any special plans for V-day. I'm not sure we're even "celebrating" on the weekend. It's hard when he works 12 hour shifts -- he's only really good for sleeping when he gets home and has good reason to be! He works tomorrow and thru the weekend. Booo. 

We did get our heart shaped donuts from DD earlier this week. I might have squealed with glee at mine....
Bavarian cream with pink icing and heart shaped sprinkles!! 
I actually didn't like the pink icing because it was I exchanged half of mine for half of Ryan's chocolate covered {he IS the best!}.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful LOVE day :) And now a little shout out to all my favorite little Valentines....

1 comment:

Emily said...

Yay! Happy Valentine's Day Aunt Erin! xoxo, Asher and Hadley

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