Saturday, February 16, 2013

our valentine's day

I feel lucky to work in a school around the holidays. Nothing beats the pure joy children have from simple days like the 100th Day of School and Valentine's Day! 

I basically share a hallway with the first grade classes, so I wanted to get them a little computer themed valentine this year :)  The only problem was that I completely forgot to buy them!! I was driving to school the morning of V-day and planning my trip to the store the next day to buy them. It wasn't until I pulled into the parking lot that I realized Valentine's Day was that day

Where did the time go??

SO....I worked my magic computer skills and printed out these little guys :) Aren't they adorable! I thought the black and white was kinda lame and THEN I remembered it was 1st graders and omg it was a Valentine  they could color in! Don't all kinds under 10 color anything that's just black and white?!?

The highlight definitely came when I heard one of them scream "Mrs. Harris got us a Valentine!!" from down the hallway. haha Too cute!

Ryan and I had a very low key night! He got home around 7 and I was starving. I made one of his favorites {chicken parm} and then we exchanged gifts. McDonald's ice cream is one of my simple favorites -- so we headed there for dessert. Can you believe it wasn't crowded ;0) 

He got me a new lunch bag and P.S. I Love You dvd :0) 

He's so smart....these flowers will never wilt ;0)  

I got him Brandon Heath's new CD. He was pleasantly surprised! 

Between my embroidery machine and new camera at Christmas I feel bad getting anything!! 

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