Thursday, January 3, 2013

phinley's vacation

*NOTE - I'm messing with the photo size, if pictures seem especially large....they are :)**

When we go on vacation, Fuzz-head goes on vacation.

I'm pretty sure he wakes up everyday hoping he'll get to go away.  Seriously, he loves to have sleepovers and travel! He always seems to have

This time is was fun x10 because his first host just happened to have another little dog AND 7 kids. It's like a bonus on a bonus. 

Apparently Phinley ignored the kids almost completely and wouldn't leave their poor little dog Jack alone. This was one of their very very few breaks...

And here, being snuggled by Leah. SO cute!

Next up was another family with kids!! Thankfully he was a good dog and left their toys alone...except maybe one stuffed animal that was put directly in his face. Ha ha

How cute is little Charlotte lying in Phin's bed?? He didn't seem to mind...I'm sure he was licking the carpet or something.

When we got home he drug himself into the house and didn't move.

 Except to go from the top of the sofa to the bottom.

I kept trying to give him pets and kisses and he just kept delving further and further into a solid ball.  
Too tired for lovin'...leave me alone.

He used some of his regained energy to look for all his new friends NYE night. I let him outside and 15mins later there was no scratch at the front door. Twenty minutes later I found him up the street and around the corner where I'm almost positive he was snooping around in someones opened garage.

So happy you're glad to be home Phin. Geesh.  I'll let our friends know you went looking for them....

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