Wednesday, January 2, 2013

christmas in rochester - part II

It snowed each day we were in The whole day! 

We took full advantage and went sledding. I hadn't gone sledding in forever  and almost died walking up the huge hill. I thought I was in shape...not so much. 

Shannon, me, Ryan, Jason, and Darren. We were probably the oldest group there without kids along AND all took a turn going over a jump on the sno-tube. It needed blown up after each turn, but it lasted until the very end!! 

Back inside Andrew rode with Pop-Pop...

And refused to give the "baby" a hug. Ha ha! He's just saving them all for his new baby brother!

Grandma was happy to oblige though :) 

And so was Momma! With bonus kisses!

Alayna's such a happy little girl. She had lots to discover in Andrew's playroom and seemed content just walking around and watching everyone. 

Andrew was content watching cartoons -- he loves Unizoomi! 
Shannon and Andrew cuddling -- so sweet. 

And then later with Grandma :) 

 The Harris' are big gamers...
First a 2 hour long game of Settlers of Catan...

And then later Mexican Train. 

 I chose to watch cartoons with Andrew :) 

It was so fun to see everyone, even for a few short days.

I can't believe how much Andrew and Alayna change each time I see them! 

 And the next time I see Jason and Marissa they will be a family of 4! Can't wait to meet him :)  

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