Tuesday, January 1, 2013

christmas in rochester - part I

We're onto Christmas #3! 

This Christmas just keeps going and going...

We traveled up to see Ryan's brother and SIL in Rochester a few days after Christmas. Since his SIL {Marissa} is 9 months pregnant and due any day, we all decided to go to them this year! I think it was a good choice, because otherwise it might have not been till the summer when we are all together again. 

 I took a lot of pictures, so I'll spare you an overload today and split up our trip into 2 posts. I thought starting with presents would be the most fun :0) 

They had a "Hershey kiss" tree. It was perfect for housing all the presents underneath!

 As per usual, the kiddos stole the show. There were lots of presents and lots of commotion, but it was fun!

Someone got their very own guitar!! 

Just like Daddy's!

And his own...wait what...cell phone?!? It's a slider :) 

Alayna turns the big ONE in January, so she needed a little help from Daddy opening her gifts!

And as per baby usual, the bow was a hit {even when surrounded by tons of toys!} :) 

Having fun Alayna?!? 

Looks like Mommy is about to have fun with your new Little People school bus! Beep beep! 
Love this picture of Shannon, Kasie, and Darren. 

And Aunt Erin is also having fun opening her present -- who doesn't love opening a gift? Ha ha

We all laughed when Jason opened his "old man gloves" -- he was very specific on his Christmas list.  

 Oh! And another rice cooker for Lynn...I heard a roomer she got one earlier ;0) They do like their rice! 

I'm not sure anything says "this gift rocks" quite like a fist pump. Shocker...another tool!

And finally a glimpse of the 15 minute Christmas chaos -- unforgettable to say the least! 

Up next...lots of laying around. And eating. 0:-)

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Andrea said...

Looks like fun! (And one can never have too many rice cookers!) :-)

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