Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas at the clays

The Clays {Jess, Evan, Elias, and Micah} are friends of ours from college, go to our church, and are in our small group :). They graciously opened their home to me on Christmas day! 

I got there just in time for a fabulous brunch....seriously they know how to cook! 

I made cream cheese monkey bread and it was amazing

We hung out most of the morning while her boys played with toys and watch Polar Express {Elias is obsessed with all things trains!}

Micah looking so dapper in his Christmas clothes :) 

Elias doing what he does best -- making Thomas GO! 
Her boys were so good all day! 

Evan's parents joined the bunch after brunch and had a really fun time playing with Elias' new toys. Especially Deb -- maybe a little too much fun! he he 

Lula {Phin's best friend} was a good sport -- she just went from one person the next :)  

In the afternoon we all played the game Things and the boys rested up for the night activities! Things was Great game!! 

I just had the best afternoon and felt so blessed by the company! Really a wonderful Christmas Day!

Also...I LOVED the gift that Jess and Evan gave to Ryan and I! 

Something else to hang in our bedroom :) Thanks guys! 

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Emily said...

Aww, I'm so glad you have great friends like them. Love the gift too!

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