Sunday, January 6, 2013

mustache you a question...

Do you want to take a peek at Micah's Mustache 1st Birthday Bash?

His Mom {Jess} is an amazing party planner and started putting this together right after he was born -- before mustaches became so popular! Seriously. 

Fortunately, I wasn't able to bring my own mustache to the bash :-) If Ryan wasn't working I'm sure he would have contributed that part for us, but he might have scared the children so probably not.

No birthday is complete without some sweet treats! Let's start there! 

"Real Men Eat Cupcakes"  

Mustache Cake!

A food table for the kids! I love this idea -- PB sandwiches, Goldfish, juice boxes, fruit cups, craisins, and more!

Baked potatoes and chili for the adults. 

The mustaches were everywhere....

Love it! 

I love this picture of Jess and the birthday boy! They look so happy :) Notice Micah's mustache? They stuck one to his paci -- ha ha ha! Can he get any cuter?

And not to forget the big brother! Elias is so obsessed with trains! {And a little ham -- those were his Mom's words!}

Even the little girls were playing with the train table! Charlotte really knows how to get dolled up for a party. Apparently she talked about showing Micah her "pretty" dress on the drive over -- she's the one on the left.

And after lunch and playing there's cake....even for the tired birthday boy :-) 

Elias had been waiting all day for his

It was a lovely afternoon! Beautiful weather, friends, and celebrating Micah's life. 

He's a gift to us. Looks like one of his Momma's favorite gifts too....

Happy Birthday Micah!

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