Sunday, December 23, 2012

wall decor

We've gotten a few nice things to hang on our walls recently!

I've never been to good at deciding what to hang up, so when I find something I like I get kinda excited about it :)

I found this heavy square mirror at Hobby Lobby for $18 in the red line clearance section! It was originally $80! Can you believe that? I'd never pay that much, but $18 seemed excellent. It might have even been a few $$ lower...can't remember exactly. I'm using it a pseudo headboard.

Lynn and Larry gave me this metal tree "thing" for Christmas -- we just exchanged presents with them yesterday! I love how it looks over our bed. Our bedroom is so drab....definitely needs painted or something!

They also got me this RACES board to hold all of my bibs and metals :) I haven't run a ton of races, but I am and will always be proud of the ones I've completed. I never thought of myself as a runner, so every single mile {even on the treadmill} feels like an accomplishment.  

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