Friday, December 21, 2012

kettle bell

Last night I got to ring the kettle bell!

I always wondered how people got hooked up with that job and now I know! Just ask Salvation Army! 

A very thoughtful girl from my old small group organized the night and we signed up for various time slots. Most of us had partners :)

Shannon and I wishing everyone going in and out of Karn's a very "Merry Christmas!!"

Honestly, I was really surprised how many people donated!! I generally just look the other way {shame on me, I know!} Not anymore! A buck or few coins makes a difference!! My very favorite were the kids that put money in the bucket -- what a perfect way to give them the chance to give :) 

Happy Friday!!

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lharris said...

I collected for Relay for Life once in front of a Walmart. I was amazed at the night. The well dressed middle class people avoided eye contact and rarely gave. The poor hispanic, migrant workers and other apparently poor people always stopped and dug out some money. Since then,I try to always put something in no matter who is collecting (unless it's something I would never support) I have a deal with myself to not walk by a kettle without putting something in. My life is so blessed- it's such a small thing to do.

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