Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas at our house

I prayed for weeks for God to prepare my heart for a Christmas with Ryan working and not being around my family. He is so good and truly made it warm and special day -- I feel so blessed in so many ways.

I was most worried about waking up in an empty house {on Christmas morning}, but I didn't let myself think about it for a minute and jumped right into Christmas mode! I lite the tree, made some monkey bread, read the Christmas story in Luke, and belted  sang Christmas songs in the shower :) Phinley slept on the bed...I fluffed the blankets for the special morning.

THEN....I found a little note and gift on the counter from Ryan. The note read "Merry Christmas {open now!}" So I followed directions and wouldn't you know in that gift was another note and the scavenger hunt began....

I cried through the whole entire thing, because I was so excited, happy, and couldn't believe he put so much thought into it. I just LOVE things like that! I feel so blessed by his thoughtfulness.

SO, here's what he left...
SD Card -->
Amazon Gift Card for On-Demand Class  -->
Adobe Photoshop! -->
Camera Backpack and...-->
A Camera!! {Canon Rebel T4i} 

I was SO surprised! The camera is fancy and will take me a long long time to learn how to use -- ha ha!

Thanks Babe!

Ryan got home a little after 6, so we did stockings and then gifts. 

Phinley thought was for him. He was hot at Ryan's side the whole time :) 

And then he got some prezzies! Loved the treats and bowl from my Mom! 

He's a thirsty guy...needed a bigger water bowl.

Ryan also got him a special treat at the Farmer's Market. That's right, it was all Ryan {the guy who lives here and doesn't love fuzzhead}.

Our turn to exchange presents! Ryan really wanted this Roku. I'm not entirely sure what it Apple TV I think. 

Another awesome surprise....look at this perfect ornament. I cried when I opened it. 

"Sew Much Fabric. Sew Little Time" 
Isn't that just the most thoughtful thing!?!

Tile saw for Ryan! This man LOVES tools!  

And maybe Phin's favorite....

A stuffed dog with a big head! ha! Thanks Lula {that's his best friend who lives with the Clays} 

Fancy big lenses for spying on the neighbors capturing the wildlife in the woods behind our house.  

And.....another big power tool!! This one from Drew -- thanks :) I see handmade cabinets in our future!

We just had the best night! 

 Up next...Christmas at the Clays :) 


Emily said...

This is the sweetest thing! Love the pics!

Andrea said...

What a fun surprise. I'm sure you would have much rather had Ryan by your side all day but this will certainly be a Christmas to remember. Can't wait to see all the great pictures you will take!!

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