Tuesday, November 13, 2012

my day of lows and highs

Yesterday was all over the map. I just laughed my way through, because, well...what else can you do?

Here goes:

Low: Forgetting my lunch
High: Trying the new flat bread from subway {they had no bread made at 8am!}

Low: Deck didn't get started.
High: Ryan removed and replaced the slider in the basement with french doors. By himself. What can't he do??

Low: Getting rear ended at a red light on my drive home.
High: Getting an even exchange for a sweater I bought on sale this weekend at the Gap outlet. You know how they are sticklers about coupons, sales, and what not ;0)

Low: Coming home feeling overwhelmed with little things to do and tidy up before small group.
High: Chocolate chip peanut butter cupcakes at small group. Thanks Crystal! They are my favorite!

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