Wednesday, November 14, 2012

my piano player

Ryan thinks that one day we'll have a piano room in our house. 

Except I don't play and until Monday night, Ryan didn't play regularly. 

So Sunday night on the drive home from NJ, Ryan says "I think I want to start playing the piano again. Just chords and stuff. I should get my keyboard out."

The next morning I walk into the office to find this...

Ha ha! He's too much.

Later that morning he asked, "did you see the surprise I left in the office?" giggle giggle 

I'm not sure I know any man with quite as many gifts as Ryan -- if I could control a nuclear power plant AND teach myself to finish a basement AND run fast AND play the piano...I'm not sure I just wouldn't :) 
Love him so much. 


Emily said...

nice! Asher loves music so I think we'll get him a keyboard for Christmas. That should be fun to listen to. :-)

DWT said...

nice ... i like to hearing he did this ;)

Lynn said...

I totally agree! Ryan played very well in the old days! It will be another activity he can do to keep himself awake as he transitions into night shift- as long as he has earphones. Glad he is doing this!

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