Monday, November 12, 2012

baby shower sunday

Another weekend on the road...

I love it though. Usually I like to stay home, but I've had lots of time to get things done {with Ryan working} and so it's nice to get out of the house :)

We headed to Ryan's home town in South Jersey for a baby shower. His friend, Nate, got married this spring and is due to have a honeymoon baby in February! 

Lots and lots of gifts -- big ones too! Yay!

The daddy-to-be made the diaper cake. I know :0) He's a big, football and technology lovin' guy too...I had NO idea he made diaper cakes! Good ones too!

The baby shower was unique in that it was also the gender reveal. I opted to get a gift for either a boy or girl {every little one needs a booster seat at some point!} and made this little yellow mickey onesie. Since I didn't know the baby's name, I opted to personalize with the initial of their last name. They stopped at Disney on their honeymoon ;0)

Half way through, the grandmas-to-be cut a cake and showed us Baby Simmerman will be a girl!

Amy really wanted to reveal with balloons {the party planners wanted a cake}, so Nate arranged this especially for her. So sweet :) 

Later that night I got to visit a little with Alayana. She's getting SO big! Almost walking already! She wasn't to sure about Aunt Erin at first, but slowly warmed up to me. 

Love her face! 

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