Monday, November 5, 2012

meeting hadley

What a great whirlwind weekend!

It started early early Friday morning, driving down with my oldest sister to NC. It's at least 7 hours, but feels so much shorter with someone to talk to! 

We got there without any trouble early Friday morning and headed straight over to meet precious little Hadley. 

She's a sweet little thing :) 

Aunt Jenny {as Asher calls her} was the baby whisperer -- Hadley slept like a little a champ snuggled in her fleece! 

Don't worry, I had my turn too :) Her little arm hugging me was SO cute! I could hardly take it! She's a great baby to hold and fuss over -- doesn't seem to mind a bit ;0) 

Grammy and Hadley -- they'll get lots of snuggle time in the next couple of weeks so I snatched her up pretty quickly after this picture! 

Asher was a real hoot the entire time -- he talks so.much. now! It's hilarious! He would stop what he was doing from time and time and just name everyone in the room -- like he couldn't believe we were all there! Ha! 

Hands down, my favorite part was when he came downstairs from his nap and was looking for "baby sister baby sister!!" When he found her {being held by Aunt Jenny} he ran up, gently patted her arm and said "hi baby sister" -- then he kissed her. Ahh! So cute! 

He loves to jump on his trampoline and shoot hoops! All conveniently located in their finished ATTIC!

 Asher was beyond cute, but this little lady really stole the show. 

Congrats new family of FOUR!! 

Can't wait to see you again!

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Emily said...

We're so glad you came to visit! Asher sure does love his Aunt Erin - I bet you're ready for a "playing" break. ha!

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