Thursday, November 1, 2012


Phinley had a friend over again this past weekend! 

Little Jack is so much fun :) He belongs to the worship leader at our church. He and his wife have 7 kids -- yes, 7 {and they are all so good!} Needless to say, Jack gets lots of attention! 

I figured with that many kids poking and prodding playing with him -- he would get along with our little annoying fuzz head just fine! 

Oh my word -- they had the BEST time! Or at least I think they did. ;0) 

Phinley might have bugged him to his max, but he handled himself so well!

They ran straight for hours, then collapsed in exhaustion. 


And over.

We had a big sleepover on my bed one night -- ha ha! Who got sleep? NOT me :) It was my own fault, but I loved having them both there to keep me safe {Ryan was working night shift}

Can't wait to have Jack over again! 

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