Tuesday, October 23, 2012

reason #445,432,567

That I know Ryan loves Phin.

Sunday afternoon I was trying to applique a little shirt, when Ryan asked if Phinley was inside with me. Ryan had been working outside for hours and I had assumed Phin was out keeping him company.

I told Ryan he must be outside somewhere and continued with my sewing.

Little dog had jumped the fence {but not really because he didn't have his shocker collar on...probably just wondered off} and had been running around....somewhere...for a while.

I wasn't worried. He loves us -- I figured he'd come back after his gallivanting.

Ryan, not so much.

He was not happy that I wasn't helping him look and immediately started driving around the neighborhood. I wasn't in any huge rush and just knew Fuzzhead would be okay. It wasn't until Ryan got really upset at me and informed me that this.is.SERIOUS that I began to worry a little.

I drove around the neighborhood, while Ryan took my advice and scoured the woods behind our house.

He found him. Frolicking along the creek with the birds, deer, bunnies, and chipmunks.

I was relieved, but more than that, satisfied that I had been right all along. These 2 love each other :0)

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