Friday, October 26, 2012

what i learned

From reading directions. 

I'm a learn as you go kinda girl. Directions are for wimps. 

Ha! Yeah, right. 

Remember this post I wrote? And how I credited my sister for all her help. Well she deserves some kind of trophy, because it's my own darn fault I was having so many screw ups!  

I thought for sure my machine was broken and we'd have to ship it back and THEN I had a genius idea...

READ THE OPERATION MANUAL {insert hallelujah chorus here}

During trick or treat last night, I read the entire manual cover to cover.

Note the things I was doing wrong:
1) Loading the thread spool on backwards
2) Winding the bobbin incorrectly
3) Threading the needle incorrectly

You might wonder how I was able to get anything embroidered -- like this cute little number...   

I honestly don't know. HA! Complete luck I guess!

I never did all 3 of those things wrong at one time, until maybe Wednesday night when the needle snapped off and got caught in the shirt I was making. I still feel lucky that I didn't lose an eye.

I cried a lot during, but now I laugh because it's just so ridiculous and was unnecessary. I've done 2 different projects so far {post-manual} without one issue. One.single.issue.

So why am I telling you all this?? Because I want to keep it as real as possible. Sometimes it feels like we only see the very best of everyone via their pins, posts, etc and it's getting old to me. I love hearing about good things, but I like to know what people are sucking at too -- aren't we all human? 

And doesn't everyone hate reading directions? 

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Kelsey Winter said...

I'm the opposite... I love reading the directions! Jordan and I have found we can NEVER put together furniture as a team because I want to follow the directions and he likes to figure it out on his own. One of the worst experiences of our marriage was trying to put together a simple bookcase and it was a mess. We will never, ever do something like that together again or we might kill each other.

On a side note, I love the shirt! It's so cute!

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