Thursday, October 11, 2012

his and hers

Finally got the embroidery machine up and running this weekend! 

I definitely did not anticipate it taking so much time to learn how to use. But then again, I never do. I'm very much a try it, then read the directions kind of girl :) Thank goodness my sister {who actually reads directions} has the same machine and could be my on call support. 

Thanks, sister!

Lesson learned. 

So I've been attempting a few small projects to get started. This weekend: "his" and "hers" pillow covers. 

Except "hers" took a turn for the worst after I changed the bobbin. Always drama over here!

I managed to rip our the entire "s" and start again. 

I think what surprised me more than my anything was my ability to make the mistake, fix it, AND not cry one time! I wasn't kidding about the drama over here. Doesn't take much these days...

SO -- the finish product! I love them :) 

Just a little something extra! 

1 comment:

Mom said...

How nice did a GREAT job!

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