Tuesday, October 9, 2012

blog world

The interesting thing about the blog world is that you think you know people, you really don't know.

It might sound crazy to some of you, but I feel like I actually know some of these people I've never met. Reading about their kids, house projects, weekend trips, etc let's me in on the little bit of their life that they're willing to share with the world.

Recently it's been really great, because I've been able to get encouragement and hope from reading other women's blogs about infertility and their journey to become pregnant.

This weekend, however, I was so sad to read that a blogger I follow lost her husband in a car accident. Julee and Matt had a little girl just this past year. I just can't imagine having to bear that kind of pain. If you have time today, head over to her blog and say a prayer for the family.

OR, participate in a silent auction taking place here.

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